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Monday Night Football

Yesterday I had to reflect on what happened Monday Night as I watched portions of Monday Night Football. I must confess that typically, I only watch football if a relative is playing or if it's a Super Bowl. But on this past Monday, I decided to join friends in watching a part of the football game.

Within a matter of minutes, I, like everyone else in the room, was shocked and praying for the recovery of #3, along with his family, the Bills, and the Bengals. Although he is still in critical condition, Damar Hamlin is progressing. I did not know Hamlin prior to the incident, but have since learned how much of an inspiration he is to children in his home town.

After reading the report from Fox News and CNN Sports, Hamlin is a 24-year-old philanthropist at heart and started a foundation during his senior year in college to support the dreams of youth. His desire was to offer scholarships and host a toy drive. What started as a local dream became an international fundraiser, raising over 7 million dollars in support of Hamlin. His friends and family members speaks highly of his generosity, humility, personality and sacrifice.

It is also reported that the first statement he wrote while on a ventilator was, "Did we win?"

Sometimes we only see the what is in the public eye or media. Some only see dollars and a win. But it is nice and a breath of fresh air to learn tidbits of Hamlin behind the screen. When we all connect on a human level, we all win! Sometimes we need to stop the game of life and reflect, reset and recharge.

I am so glad the NFL made an unprecedented decision to stop the game. But, in the words of his doctor, Hamlin "yes, Damar, you won".

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