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I Was a Thorpe Menn Book Award Nominee!

It is a great feeling for my first book to receive recognition and to become a Thorpe Menn Nominee! The Salt of My Tears was a journey and to be considered among great authors for literary excellence, I am beyond humbled.

I had an opportunity to speak with one of the award winners, Olivia Hill. Her book, Travel North Black Girl, is a unique story of her journey to love, peace and home. Her words of encouragement was a great boost to continue writing and allow my voice to be heard.

The keynote speaker was the 2022 recipient of the Thorpe Menn Award: The energetic 91-year-old Alvin Brooks. Mr. Brooks, a civil rights

activist, has a beautiful book penned, Binding Us Together: A Civil Rights Activist Reflects on a Lifetime of Community and Public Service.

One phrase that stayed with me from Luncheon, "Sometimes God gives you a story and you better write it!" Well, let the journey continue...

For those who support my literary journey... Thank You! Book #2 is on the way!

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