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Suicide Prevention Week

This week, I reflect on the many hurting souls who struggle. Just know that you are not alone and someone is looking forward to experiencing your presence today.


Here is a poem dedicated to you...

The Get Up Swing 2

Hey now, what are you doing

still laying in the bed

Get up! Get dressed and put on your best threads

Wash your face, brush your teeth

Ignite that fire, feel that heat

Hey now, what are you doing

still moping around

It's time to dance, two-step

don't act like you're bound

Shake your head left and right

Pop, lock, drop, fingers pop

Rock that head move to the beat

Slide in socks, move them feet

Clap one, two cadence calls

Sing one hit, that is all

Get up now, one more time

I see you love, in your prime

Love your swag, just get down

I see that smile... oooo no frowns

Now get down, and feel inspired

Know you are loved and your presence sparks fire

If you feel that you are a danger to yourself or in crisis, please dial or text 988 right away.

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